Roughly 1000 students leaving district and public charter schools each year are in need of second chance options and non-traditional education opportunities in Washington, DC. A majority of these youth are older (18 to 20 years old), have limited graduation credit accumulation, and are performing below 9th grade level. In DC, there appears to be a shortage of alternative pathways to a postsecondary credential or training.

Sustainable Futures is a public charter school in Washington DC with a mission to create a community of learners that reengages disconnected youth and those who have struggled in traditional school settings by providing them with a comprehensive, challenging, personalized education that prepares them to lead purposeful, productive, sustainable lives. We have a breakthrough model that is competency and project based and will allow students to progress as they achieve mastery. 

Our model was designed to provide an alternative means of success in attaining a high school diploma. Youth that are disconnected from school and/or work, homeless, aging out of foster care, over aged and under credited, or adjudicated will find that our program provides unyielding support as they reach their full potential. From our flexible scheduling to culturally responsive curriculum/pedagogy to individualized learning plans for students, our school was designed to maximize student engagement and achievement.


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