Sustainable Futures Public Charter School (SFPCS) is a Competency Based, Project Based, Next Generation High-School with a mission to serve the At-Promise Youth of the District by re-engaging students in learning and their community as they obtain a HS Diploma. Opening in September 2017, Sustainable Futures PCS will serve students ages 14 and above, with 125 students in year one and 288 students by year three.  

SFPCS is founded on the core values of community, diversity, innovation, inquiry, service, and reflection. Our school culture is based on open, trusting, and growth oriented relationships.  We are committed to creating a school in which our core values are visible each day through the ways in which we interact with one another and engage in the learning process collectively.

We are seeking Founding Learning Facilitators who are passionate about being an active part of a multifaceted learning community to both engage personally and support students in fully developing all Five Pillars of a Sustainable Life.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degrees

Qualifications Preferred:

  • Advanced degree in your field
  • Three or more years of teaching experience
  • Special Education or English Language Learner training
  • Demonstrated practice with the following dispositions

SFPCS Learning Facilitator dispositions:

‘Designer's Mindset’

  • Inquiry driven (seeks the why behind the what)
  • Takes an innovative approach (willing to ‘fail forward’ and take ‘responsible risks’ to achieve a desired outcome)
  • Willingness to work collaboratively to develop and access shared knowledge with colleagues, community, and business partners
  • Proactive and solution-focused when presented with challenges
  • Critical, independent thinker
  • Listens empathetically to understand
  • Communicates with clarity and precision
  • Consistently Biased to Action


Beliefs and Practices rooted in Equity

  • Views student learning from the perspective of “Not Yet” vs “Not Able”
  • Encourages a culture of mutual respect and equitable practice
  • Creates a safe and challenging learning environment that promotes positive social and emotional growth
  • Promotes Social Justice and Equity in the classroom
  • Promotes democratic attitudes and behaviors in the classroom.
  • Recognizes and celebrates the individual and cultural achievements within all social and ethnic groups.
  • Willing to speak Truth to Power



  • Leading through uncertainty in order to achieve dramatically better outcomes for youth.
  • Using various sources of Data and relationship to individualize instruction to meet students’ academic, social, emotional, and behavior learning needs.
  • Committed to designing authentic project-based learning experiences and performance assessments, integrating curriculum across academic disciplines.
  • Passionately delivering instruction in ways that are interactive, hands-on, project based, to promote self-discovery and critical thinking.
  • Providing opportunities for student engagement through “Voice and Choice”
  • Demonstrate a passion for putting themselves in the Learner Seat, willing to deeply engage in ongoing personal professional learning

Position Type: Full Time

Salary Schedule: Annual

An offer of employment will be subject to the successful completion of a background check.  Sustainable Futures is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of Sustainable Futures to afford equal employment and advancement opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, disability, marital status, medical condition, or any other classification that is protected under applicable local or federal law.