Under the supervision of the of the Head of School and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction the Student Intervention Coordinator will coordinate the school’s Student Intervention and Support Program. This  includes but is not limited to:  monitoring school-wide intervention initiatives, planning and facilitating professional development, tracking intervention usage, analyzing intervention data, and adjusting intervention programming as needed. Additionally, the selected candidate will be responsible for managing Restorative Practices and supporting the implementation of core school culture initiatives.

Collaborates and communicates effectively with the specialists and lead staff in order to implement effective and comprehensive student support services in the areas of attendance, violence prevention, homeless education, behavioral intervention, community parent involvement and other social supports as identified.  Develops, monitors and analyzes programs and services in order to build linkages between families, students and schools. Identifies, develops and implements appropriate tiered interventions within a multi-tiered framework of behavioral support for students and schools. Supports collaborations with city and agency partners including governmental, non-profit and private agencies in order to provide increased social supports to students and families.  Monitors student support programs and interventions for compliance with Federal laws and state code with particular focus on attendance, bullying / harassment, and Title IX.  Monitor policy and grant requirements as necessary. Develop and provide professional development sessions for departmental staff as well as staff across the district. Performs all other duties

Essential Functions

  • Have a firm commitment to the upholding the school’s mission
  • Supervises Student Support Staff
  • Managing School Culture programs including Restorative Practices, The Edge Program and Check-n-connect
  • Analyzing assessment and intervention data
  • Planning and facilitating professional development that focuses on data driven instruction
  • Helps teachers develop and implement classroom-based, interventions for individual students  and groups of students to enhance their acquisition of social/emotional and cognitive skills. 
  • Identifying appropriate interventions at each tier to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Building a collaborative and empowering work environment by planning and facilitating SST meetings
  • Maintains all paperwork and data generated from SST meetings
  • Oversees the implementation of a robust Student Study pro
  • Works with lead teachers to identify areas of needed academic intervention
  • Oversees data collection and movement of students through the tiers of the Student Study process
  • Participating in instructional leadership meetings, team meetings, and SST meetings
  • Monitoring and supporting school-wide intervention programs to ensure implementation fidelity
  • Supporting teachers with effective management strategies that promote a positive classroom environment that is conducive to learning. 
  • Supervise Parent-Community Liaisons and FACE Senior Specialists. Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Master’s Degree
  • At least 3 years of experience in a secondary level school environment.

General Definition and Conditions of Work  

Duties performed typically in school, office and community settings. Performs professional work providing support and/or training services to staff, students, parents and community partners.  Work requires frequent standing, sitting, walking long distances in the community and light lifting up to 20 pounds.  Effective verbal and written communication skills for expressing or exchanging ideas, hearing to perceive information at a normal spoken word level and visual acuity for preparing and analyzing written or computer data.