• Have you struggled in school? Do you need support to make it to graduation?
  • Do you want to start over and have a voice in your own educational pathway
  • Are you struggling to find a job?
  • Are you a single parent, homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless? Have you been through the judicial or foster care system and need additional support?

At Sustainable Futures we believe that young people are the key to vibrant communities and workforce. You deserve the attention and investment of dedicated teachers and a supportive community.

Our program is designed around five pillars


Academic Competency

We meet you where you are, give you credit for what you know and work with you to plan your education.

You will graduate with a high school diploma, prepared for college and for the workforce.

Social ConnectHiRes.png

Social Connectedness

You will graduate with new social connections as part of Sustainable Futures' alumni community. And...

You will have the tools to develop the connections and build relationships that you need in the real world to support a stable life.


Physical & Mental Health Stability

You will receive the supports you need to attain or improve your physical and mental health. And...

You will graduate with the tools you need to maintain both physical and mental health over the long term.


Economic Stability

You will be equipped with the tools to get and keep a job so you can build an economically stable and sustainable life.

Forward FocusHiRes.png

Forward Focus Paradigm

You will graduate with a clear focus on the future, clear goals for yourself and for your family.